Photo: Maks Pallas

Berlin and Dresden trio JAGUWAR played their way into the hearts of noise romantics with the sprawling sonic landscapes which characterized the trio’s 2018 debut album Ringthing. Oyèmi, Lemmy and Chris subsequently embarked on a phase of intense touring before returning to the studio to create their sophomore album GOLD, set for release in October 2021. GOLD is a supercharged blast of future pop, transcending borders and defying pigeonholes, an album arising from the band’s predisposition to experiment.

GOLD is not only danceable, poppy and endearingly intricate, it also flys in the face of the status quo, ask questions of the current state of affairs and the oppressive mechanisms in our society. GOLD is no blunt denunciation, however, but a soundtrack to accompanythe realization that there is strength in individuality, thereby unlocking a new level of productiveness.

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